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                                                                        THOMAS JOHN HASTINGS                                                                  

                                                                                                 August, 2016 – Present
Overseas Ministries Study Center & International Bulletin of Mission Research
New Haven, Connecticut

RESEARCH CONSULTANT                                                                                                                   2015 – 2016
United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, New York
SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW                                                                                                              2012 – 2015
Japan International Christian University Foundation, New York, NY
Recipient of a 3-year grant award from the John Templeton Foundation entitled “Advancing the Science
and Religion Conversation in Japan”

Grant-related academic appointments in Japan:
Research Fellow                                                                                                                                           2012 – Present
Kagawa Archives and Resource Center, Tokyo
Research Associate                                                                                                                                      2012 – 2016
Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, Nagoya
Research Fellow                                                                                                                                           2013 – 2016
Institute for the Study of Christianity and Culture, International Christian University, Tokyo
Cooperating Researcher                                                                                                                             2014 – 2016
Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University, Kyoto
Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, New Jersey
MISSION CO-WORKER, PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (USA)                                                       1988 – 2008
PROFESSOR OF PRACTICAL THEOLOGY                                                                                      1995 – 2008
Tokyo Union Theological Seminary, Tokyo, Japan
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION                                                             1993 – 1995
Seiwa College, Nishinomiya, Japan
LECTURER & DIRECTOR OF FOREIGN FACULTY                                                                       1987 – 1991
Hokuriku Gakuin University, Kanazawa, Japan
• Adjunct                                                                                                                                                       2017 –
Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Connecticut
• Adjunct                                                                                                                               Fall Semester 2001 & 2014
Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey
• Adjunct                                                                                                                                                       1997 – 2000
International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
• M.A. Student Intern in Culture & Linguistics                                                                      Summer, 1986
Toronto Institute of Linguistics, University of Toronto, Canada
• EFL Teacher & International Secretary                                                                                                  1979 – 1981
Yamanashi YMC English School, Kofu, Japan
• High School Social Studies & Math Teacher                                                                                          1977 – 1978
Peace Corps Western Samoa, Vaipouli College, Savai’i
• High School English Teacher                                                                                                                   1975 – 1976
Brightwood School, Webster, Massachusetts
• Ph.D. Practical Theology, 2004
Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey
• M.Div. Level Coursework for Ordination and Ph.D. Seminars, 1991-1992
Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey
• M. A., Educational Ministries, 1987
Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, Illinois
• B. A., English Literature, 1975
Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
July 19, 1998, First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, New Jersey, Current Member of the Presbytery of
Southern New England (specialized ministry)
Seeing All Things Whole: The Scientific Mysticism and Art of Kagawa Toyohiko (1888-1960), (Eugene:
Wipf & Stock, Pickwick, 2015).
Practical Theology and the One Body of Christ: Toward a Missional-Ecumenical Model (Grand Rapids:
Eerdmans, 2007) in Studies in Practical Theology series edited by Don Browning, Friedrich Schweitzer,
and Johannes A. Van Der Ven.
“Extending the Global Academic Table: An Introduction,” Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, 51
(1), March, 2016.
“Kagawa Toyohiko (1888-1960): Witness to the Cosmic Drama,” Zygon: Journal of Religion and
Science, 51 (1), March, 2016.
“Baptizing John Dewey: James Loder’s Pedagogy of Presence in Theory and Practice,” The Logic of the
Spirit in Human Thought and Experience: Exploring the Vision of James E. Loder Jr. (Eugene: Wipf &
Stock, 2014).
“Eros, Kokorozashi, and Testosterone: The Desire for and Use of the Knowledge of God in Christian
Theology,” City of Desires - A Place for God? Practical theological perspectives, (Münster: Lit Verlag,
“Practicing the Redemptive Love of Jesus: The Enduring Legacy of Toyohiko Kagawa,” Theology Today,
July 2013.
“Crossing Postal Codes in Early Modern Japan: The Stories of Tamura Naōmi and Osaka Motokichiro,”
in Home and Away, eds. Stephen Burns and Clive Pearson (Pickwick, 2013).
“Negotiating Identity in a Global Age: The Situation of Japanese Youth,” in Youth, Religion and
Globalization: New Research in Practical Theology, edited by Richard R. Osmer and Kenda Creasy-Dean
(Münster: Lit Verlag, 2007).
"The Congregational Leadership Crisis Facing the Japanese Church," with Mark Mullins, International
Bulletin of Mission Research, January, 2006
"Japanese Protestantism's Perduring Preoccupation with Western Theological Texts," Theology Today,
April, 2005.
"George Lindbeck and T.F. Torrance on Christian Language and the Knowledge of God," in Redemptive
Transformation in Practical Theology, eds. Dana Wright and John Kuentzel (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans,
"A Tale of Two Selves in Japan and the United States," The International Journal of Practical Theology,
Volume 7, Issue 2, 2003
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"Theologie, Praxis und kultureller Habitus, Fragen zur japanischen Situation," Christentum und
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"Denominational Renewal or Fragmentation? An Exploratory Study of Reformed/Evangelical
Movements within the United Church of Christ in Japan," with Mark Mullins, (Japan Christian Review,
Vol. 64, 1998)
"Parameters of Faith Among Japanese Junior College Women: An Initial Inquiry Based on Fowler's
Theory of Faith Development," (Japanese Religions, Vol. 16, July, 1991, No. 4)
RECENT JAPANESE WRITINGS (followed by English titles)
Edited Anthology
Co-Editor, Entanglements of Science and Religion in Modern Japan: An Anthology (Nagoya: Nanzan
Institute for Religion and Culture), 2015.
Chapter in Book
チュアル学大5 巻、スピリチュアリティと教育』(相模原:ビイング・ネット・プレス)、2015。
“In Search of a Spirituality in Harmony with the Cosmic Will: A Consideration of Kagawa Toyohiko’s
Theory of Religious Education,” Studies in Spirituality: Spirituality and Education, Volume 5
(Sagamihara: BNP), 2015.
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
「賀川豊彦の教育論の背景に関する一考察」『身心変容技法研究』 (京都大学・こころの未来研究セン
ター)、 第4号、168−175頁、2015年。
“A Consideration of the Background of Kagawa Toyohiko’s Educational Theory,” Sinshinhenyōgihō
Kenkyū (Kyōto University Kokoro Research Center) Vol. 4, 168-175, 2015.
「賀川豊彦—科学的な神秘主義者」『モノ学・感覚価値研究』 (京都大学・こころの未来研究センター),
“Kagawa Toyohiko: A Scientific Mystic,” Mongaku: Kankakukachi Kenkyū (Kyōto University Kokoro
Research Center) Vol. 8, 13-30, February, 2014.
Kagawa Toyohiko, Cosmic Purpose, Editor of Translation by James W. Heisig (Eugene: Wipf & Stock,
Cascade Veritas Series, 2014).
Kagawa Toyohiko, A Few Words in the Dark (Princeton: Bridges to Peace, 2015).
Kagawa Toyohiko, Scribbling with Fingertips, forthcoming.
“Theology in Search of Human Origins and Religious Awareness,” Synopsis of J. Wentzel van
Huyssteen’s Gifford Lecture, with Yasuhiro Sekikawa, (Journal of Theology, Vol. 69, 2007).
"Teaching and Empirical Research in Practical Theology: A Conceptual Map," Don Browning (Journal of
Theology, Vol. 67, 2005).
"Christians in the Graveyard," Gerhard Rau (Bulletin of the Missiological Institute of Tokyo Union
Theological Seminary, Vol. 2, 1999)
"Practical Theology and the Education of Ministers," Richard Robert Osmer, with Heon Wook Park
(Journal of Theology, Vol. 59, 1997)
The Teaching Ministry of Congregations, Richard Robert Osmer (Louisville: Westminster John Knox), in
Theology Today, 2006, 63 (3).
Conscience and Personality: A New Understanding of Conscience and Its Inculturation in Japanese
Moral Theology, Osamu Takeuchi (Chiba: Koyusha, 2003) in Theology Today, April, 2005.
Mystical Consciousness: Western Perspectives and Dialogue with Japanese Thinkers, Louis Roy
(Albany: SUNY, 2003) in Theology Today, April, 2004.
Teaching Mission in a Global Context, Patricia Lloyd-Sidle and Bonnie Sue Lewis, eds. (Louisville:
Geneva, 2001) in The Princeton Seminary Bulletin, Volume XXIII, Number 1, New Series, 2002.
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Christian Communication Reconsidered, John Bluck, WCC Books, (Japan Christian Quarterly, Fall,
Day Associates Lecture on “Exiles in their Own Land: Japanese Protestant Mission History and Theory in
Conversation with Practical Theology,” Yale-Edinburgh Conference, Yale Divinity School, June 30, 2017
Keynote Lecture on “Wonder, Worship, and Witness: Rethinking Confession of Faith, Catechesis, and
God’s Mission,” Torch Trinity University, Seoul, Korea, March 18, 2017
Chaplaincy Seminar, Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan, Taiwan, February 2, 2016.
Chaplaincy Forum, Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, January 28-29, 2016.
Chaplaincy Consultation, Christ University, Bangalore, India, January 23, 2016.
“The Scientific Mysticism and Art of Kagawa Toyohiko (1888-1960),” IAHR 2015, Erfurt Germany, as
part of a panel on “Multiple Discourses on Religion and Science in the East Asian Context: Science for
the Understanding of Religion in Japan and Korea.”
“The Complementarity of Spirituality, Cosmology, and Ethics in the Educational Theory of Kagawa
Toyohiko,” Kyoto University, July 29, 2014.
“Kagawa Toyohiko (1988-1960): A Scientific Mystic,” Kyoto University, October 29, 2013
“A Consideration of Multiple Religious Identity in the Formation of an Interdisciplinary Mind: The Case
of Kagawa Toyohiko (1888-1960),” International Academy of Practical Theology, University of Toronto,
April 13, 2013
“Facilitating Interdisciplinary Theological Inquiry at CTI,” wildcard session with Robert Russell,
Graduate Theological Union and Miroslav Volf, Yale Divinity School on The Promise and Perils of
Interdisciplinary Research, American Academy of Religion, San Francisco, November 20, 2011.
“Eros, Kokorozashi, and Testosterone: The Desire for and Use of the Knowledge of God in Christian
Theology,” International Academy of Practical Theology, Amsterdam, July 25, 2011.
SELECTED INVITED LECTURES (Japanese marked with an asterisk)
Lecture on "Kagawa Toyohiko (1888–1960): Witness to Union and Solidarity with Humanity and the
Cosmos," Princeton Theological Seminary, Class on “The Face of the Other,” Professor Bo Karen Lee,
April 6, 2017.
Lecture on Kagawa Research, Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies, Yogyakarta, Indonesia,
January 27, 2016.
Lecture on "Rhythms of the Cosmos: Kagawa Toyohiko’s Scientific Mysticism and Art," Princeton
Theological Seminary, Class on “Rhythms of Prayer,” Professor Bo Karen Lee, January 8. 2016.
*Keynote Lecture on Kagawa’s Cosmic Purpose, Tokushima University, Japan, November 20, 2015.
Lecture on Kagawa Research, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger, Norway, October 20, 2015.
Lecture on Kagawa Research, Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo, Norway, October 22, 2015.
Lecture on Kagawa Research, University of Heidelberg (co-sponsored by the Theology and Japanese
Departments), Heidelberg, Germany, October 27, 2015.
Lecture on Kagawa Research, Presbyterian Heritage Center, Montreat, North Carolina, September 26,
*Keynote Lecture for Symposium on “The Contemporary Revival of Interest in Kagawa Toyohiko and
Kagawa Haru,” Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan, March 14, 2015.
*Seminar on “The Enduring Legacy of Kagawa in a Global Age,” Kagawa Memorial Hall, Kobe, Japan,
January 24, 2015
*Keynote Lecture on “Kagawa’s View of Early Childhood Religious Education,” 10th Anniversary of
Young Children and Worship Group, Yokohama Union Church, January 17, 2015
*Special Student Lecture on “Kagawa’s Scientific Mysticism and Art,” Tokyo Union Theological
Seminary, January 13, 2015
*Keynote Address, Kagawa Academic Association, Tokyo, Japan, July 26, 2014
Annual Lecture on World Mission, Tokyo Christian University, Chiba, Japan, Thursday, February 13,
Webinar, “Kagawa Toyohiko: A Pacifist Caught in the Crossfire of War.” Five College Center for East
Asian Studies (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith, and U Mass), June 4, 2013 (click on the
following link: The password is FCCEAS.)
“Practicing the Redemptive Love of Christ: The Enduring Legacy of Kagawa Toyohiko (1888-1960),”
The Toyohiko Kagawa Lecture, Princeton Theological Seminary, April 5, 2011
"When Theological and Nationalist Dreams Collide: The Transformational Narratives of Tamura Naomi
and Osaka Motokichiro," International Academy of Practical Theology, Brisbane, Australia, June, 2005
Chair of Panel Presentation on Family, Church, or School - Where Lies the Heir of Japanese
Christianity?, XIXth World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions, March
26, 2005
"The Leadership Crisis Facing the Japanese Church" (with Mark Mullins), International Society for the
Study of Reformed Churches, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 27-July 2, 2003
"Report on Interviews Conducted with Japanese Youth," Princeton Project on Youth, Globalization and
the Church, Princeton Theological Seminary, August, 2000 (this research was conducted with an
international team of scholars from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America who met for
three consecutive years at Princeton Theological Seminary)
"What is the Future of Japan's Past?" Princeton Project on Youth, Globalization and the Church,
Princeton Theological Seminary, August, 1999
"Theology, Practice and Cultural Habitus: Questions from the Japanese Situation," Kolloquium im
Internationalen Wissenschaftsforum, Universitat Heidelberg, September 27-30, 1998
"Denominational Renewal or Fragmentation? An Exploratory Study of Reformed/Evangelical
Movements within the United Church of Christ in Japan," (with Mark Mullins) International Society for
the Study of Reformed Churches, Free University, Amsterdam, May 26-30, 1997
Co-Editor, Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, 50th Anniversary Issue on “East Asian Voices on
Science and the Humanities,” March 2016.
Selection Committee Member, Frederick Streng Book Award for Excellence in Buddhist-
Christian Studies, (2014 – present)
Editorial Board, Journal of the International Academy of Practical Theology (2011– present.)
Editorial Referee, Journal of Japanese Philosophy, fall 2014.
Editorial Referee, Theology Today, spring 2011.
Advisory Board Member, Theological Journal. Korean Institute for Advanced Theological Studies (2004
– present).
Editorial Referee, Review of Religious Research, fall, 2002
Book Review Editor, Japan Christian Review (1996–1998)
Associate Editor, Japan Christian Review (1994–1998)
Guest Editor, Japan Christian Review, 1994 edition on "Education and Christianity"
Fluency in Japanese (including reading and writing), some reading knowledge of French and German,
some conversational ability in Samoan, basic knowledge of Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew.
American Academy of Religion, International Academy of Practical Theology, American Society of
Missiology, Society for Buddhist Christian Studies