OMSC Scholarships Serve God's Servants from Around the World

In keeping with its mission of engaging in Christian mission across cultures, OMSC grants scholarships to a limited number of international Christian missionaries, church leaders, and scholars from outside the United States each year. These scholarships, which are granted on a competitive basis, include furnished accommodations and modest stipends.

“I appreciate OMSC’s commitment to serving our ministers from Myanmar. They receive new theological insights that are enriching for themselves and for the communities they serve.”
— Maung Maung Yin,
Myanmar Institute of Theology

As a non-profit organization, OMSC relies heavily on donations to support our scholarship funds. These funds provide scholarship recipients with housing and a modest monthly stipend. Our scholarship recipients must still provide for their own round-trip transportation and the medical insurance coverage required by the United States government.

To qualify as a scholarship recipient, an applicant must have a minimum of ten years’ experience in a leadership role. In addition, preference is given to those who serve in impoverished countries and/or places where Christian faith is often restricted.

In recent years, OMSC has welcomed scholarship recipients from Cuba, China, D. R. Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.