Music, Peacebuilding, and Interfaith Dialogue: Transformative Bridges in Muslim–Christian Relations

Roberta R. King

An ever-increasing need to find creative approaches and mission models to engage
with Muslim neighbors exists. Studies have shown that musical performance can
evoke transformative moments that enhance communication and restore broken
relationships. In this article, I explore the intersection of music, peacebuilding, and
interfaith dialogue in light of Muslim-Christian relations. I ask how music contributes
to peacebuilding among peoples of differing faiths by investigating the roles music
plays in promoting peace and living with the other in sustainable ways. I suggest
a theoretical framework of transformative music communication and practices of
interfaith dialogue as bridges in Muslim-Christian relations. (July 2016)


Postwar American Evangelicals and World Religions: A Case Study of Intervarsity’s Urbana Student Missionary Conventions

Amber R. Thomas

This paper traces the major discussions of “world” or “non-Christian” religions in the speeches, promotion, and scholarly texts related to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s triennial “Urbana” Student Missionary Convention and argues that Urbana sources enlarge the understanding of postwar American evangelicals’ concerns about non-Christian religions by showing that evangelicals assessed the religions’ implications for global evangelization as secondary to those of other geopolitical developments, chiefly Communism, postcolonial nationalism, and internationalism. Photo at right: The first logo featured a compass centered upon a globe. © 1948 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. (July 2016)


The Legacy of Luella Miner

Mary Shepard Wong

Luella Miner, missionary to China from 1887 to 1935, was the founder and president of the first college for women in China. Her many writings, including letters, journals, articles, and books, are a window into China's changing political scene in the early twentieth century and into the life of an educational missionary in north China who helped launch basic education for girls and higher education for women. Photo at right: used with permission of the Archives of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, Special Collections, Yale Divinity School Library.
(July 2016)