The Maryknoll Sisters of Saint Dominic, Inc. hosted the EFPM Meeting on World Christianity and the Secular City

Written by OMSC Senior Mission Scholar Dr. Atola Longkumer:

The OMSC residents and the Eastern Fellowship of Professors of Mission, led by Tom and Carol Hastings, was received with warm hospitality by the Maryknoll Sisters. During the welcome fellowship, our hearts were stirred with the sharing by the sisters of their service in places such as Cambodia, Peru, El Salvador and Myanmar. The Maryknoll Sisters’ intentional attentions to the most vulnerable in the contexts reminded us of the immense love in the good news. All the presentations and conversations around the theme: Cutting Edges were inspiring, and they opened new windows to the richness of mission studies. Especially Mark Gornik and Michelle Sigg with their presentations, which brought home the need to strive for innovative ways to participate in God’s mission, through radical community engagement and inquiry to the traditions of Christianity to re-discover the faithful commitment to the good and flourishing of all.

An added bonus to the beautiful weekend at the 101st anniversary of the EFPM was the fiesta of viewing the brilliant and vibrant colors of the autumn leaves, truly a reflection of God’s majesty.

The active stewardship of resources and the deep love of the Maryknoll Sisters illustrated the faithful service required of me in my commitment to the work of God’s good news.

Please click the below photos to enjoy a slideshow of photographs from the wonderful weekend of study and fellowship.