Since 1922, OMSC has welcomed more than 25,000 residents from nearly 100 countries!

Who can come to OMSC?

OMSC welcomes missionaries, church leaders, research scholars, artists, and their families, from all nations and Christian traditions. Anyone with a serious interest in Christian mission is encouraged to apply. Assignments are generally made for six to nine months (Sept–May); short-term options are also available. OMSC has a policy of nondiscrimination for admission.

“OMSC is the most welcoming and inspiring community we have ever experienced.”
— Duleep De Chickera, Anglican Bishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka (2001–2010)


  • Fully furnished apartments.
    When you arrive, you will find everything is provided — furnishings, linens, cooking utilities, and other household supplies. Apartments vary in size from efficiencies to three bedrooms. Telephone and television service is available at your expense. Pets are not permitted.

  • Community Life.
    OMSC is an international, ecumenical, and evangelical community of missionaries, church leaders, scholars, and their families. Our common life is guided by our unity in Jesus Christ and fellowship in the work of his kingdom. Worship, Bible study, prayer, research, and recreation make OMSC a special experience in Christian community that is spiritually, intellectually, and vocationally enriching.

  • Continuing Education.
    OMSC offers continuing education for those engaged in intercultural mission. In our study program, many respected mission leaders and scholars share their expertise, providing stimulating instruction and face-to-face interaction. In addition to the seminars, there is opportunity for sustained interaction with OMSC's senior mission scholars-in-residence and access to the Day Missions Library at neighboring Yale Divinity School.

How to Apply for A ResidenCy at OMSC

OMSC accepts a limited number of long-term residents each year. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a completed application form and all required supporting documents early.


Those coming from outside the United States will need to obtain travel visas. For further information, see: VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR RESIDENCY 


OMSC does not charge an application fee. Those who are accepted into our residential program should budget for the following expenses:


  • All fees associated with obtaining a passport and visa

  • Round-trip transportation to OMSC

  • Required medical insurance (see Medical Insurance page)

  • Emergency expenses (for items not covered by the Medical Insurance)

  • Food, clothing, and other necessities


When you apply for residence you will receive the most recent listing of monthly housing assessments. You may use the housing assessment rates as a guide for preparing your housing budget.

Children’s Schooling

There is no tuition for children to attend local public schools. However, parents of public school children should budget for some of the following expenses:

  • Backpack and school supplies

  • School field trips

  • Music, dance, or athletic lessons that are not within the school curriculum

Local private and parochial schools do charge tuition (varies by school).


Although OMSC offers free weekly transportation for shopping, some residents choose to purchase a vehicle. Those who do so should keep the following fees in mind when preparing a budget:

  • Purchase price of car

  • Automobile insurance and registration

  • Cost to obtain a driver’s license

  • Car tax (payable to the City of New Haven)

  • Fuel

  • Repairs

Additional Details

Fees for seminars are waived for persons in residence for a full semester or more. Those who attend for less than a full semester are asked to make the suggested donation for each seminar.