International Bulletin of Mission Research

July 2011

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Mission and the Care of Creation
Jonathan J. Bonk

Historical Trends in Missions and Earth Care
Dana L. Robert
Christian Mission and Earth-Care: An African Case Study
M. L. Daneel

Africa International University Charter
Daniel J. Nicholas
Christ, Creation Stewardship, and Missions
Craig Sorley

Orality: The Not-So-Silent Issue in Mission Theology
Randall Prior
A Malawian Christian Theology of Wealth and Poverty
Gorden R. Doss

The Biblical Narrative of the Missio Dei
Girma Bekele
My Pilgrimage in Mission
David J. Hesselgrave

Joseph Kam: Moravian Heart in Reformed Clothing
Susan Nivens

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Thirty Books That Most Influenced My Understanding of Christian Mission
Jan A. B. Jongeneel

On the Front Lines with the China Inland Mission: A Review Essay
Daniel W. Crofts
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