International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Issue 35:1, January 2011
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35:1—January 2011

Mission by the Numbers
Jonathan J. Bonk
pp. 1–2  PDF | HTML

Edinburgh 2010: Common Call
p. 3  PDF | HTML

Edinburgh 2010 Centennial World Missionary Conference: A Report
Janet Carroll
pp. 4–5  PDF | HTML

Tokyo 2010: Global Mission Consultation
Allen Yeh
pp. 5–6  PDF | HTML

Handwritten Bible in Different Languages to Unite Filipino Christians
p. 6  PDF | HTML

Report on Cape Town 2010
Stanley W. Green
pp. 7–10  PDF | HTML

2010Boston: The Changing Contours of World Mission and Christianity
Norman E. Thomas
pp. 10–11  PDF | HTML

A Current Snapshot of North American Protestant Missions
A. Scott Moreau
pp. 12–16  PDF | HTML

Christianity Is Moving from North to South—So What About the East?
Dyron B. Daughrity
pp. 18–22  PDF | HTML

The Legacy of Hélène de Chappotin
Mary Motte
pp. 23–27  PDF | HTML

Christianity 2011: Martyrs and the Resurgence of Religion
Todd M. Johnson, David B. Barrett, and Peter F. Crossing
pp. 28–29  PDF | HTML

Reconfiguring Home: Telugu Biblewomen, Protestant Missionaries, and Christian Marriage
James Elisha Taneti
pp. 30–36  PDF | HTML

pp. 32–33  PDF | HTML

Worldwide Roman Catholic Church Workforce Increases
pp. 36–37  PDF | HTML

Fourth IACM Conference, July 27–August 2, 2010
Lazar Thanuzraj Stanislaus
pp. 38–39  PDF | HTML

My Pilgrimage in Mission
William J. Yoder
pp. 40–44  PDF | HTML

Book Reviews
pp. 45–53  PDF | HTML

Dissertation Notices
p. 54  PDF | HTML

Book Notes
p. 56  PDF | HTML

In Coming Issues
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