Guidelines for Contributors: “My Pilgrimage in Mission”
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The purpose of the “My Pilgrimage in Mission” series is to pass on to coming generations lessons learned by the present generation of mission scholars and church leaders. Contributors should aim to give their reflections an overall personal autobiographical quality. (The editors wish the series to offer more than purely theoretical, “objective,” or academic exposition.) Elements of personal spiritual “pilgrimage” will be particularly appropriate. What moved or motivated you at significant turning points in your career or spiritual journey? Early experiences from your youth and experiences that were formative in setting you on a path of mission service should not be overlooked. For example, the late Bishop Stephen Neill once recalled a time of reflection on the meaning of the Cross, when he was twelve years of age, that helped determine his lifelong commitment of service to Christ. Early experiences in one’s missionary service are also appropriate, as when Donald Jacobs recalls a dream in which he had an impulse to bathe in a river in Africa upstream from where his African colleagues were bathing, thus exposing the reality of prejudice that inhibited his fellowship and effectiveness in East Africa. 

People (including teachers) who modeled mission service and thinking for you, books that opened up new insights and vistas, conferences that had an impact on your understanding, encounters with national believers (or unbelievers) that proved to be life changing¾all such components and milestones that shaped your mission service and thinking are appropriate. Early in the article, please give the place and year of your birth. It is well, also, briefly to situate yourself in terms of your family, education, and early goals or ambitions. 

The final product, however, should be more than merely a personal chronology. Rather, the purpose is to disclose and analyze how you came to the understanding and implementation of mission you presently hold. In particular, how has your mind changed and what caused your mind to change about mission? Readers should be able to come away from the article with a greater appreciation of the nature and demands of faithful service in the Christian world mission. 

Contributors can familiarize themselves with these guidelines by perusing articles already appearing in this series. The nearly 100 articles that have already appeared in the “My Pilgrimage in Mission” series can be accessed online at The registration required to log in to the site is free. 

Article Format and Submission 

Format. Manuscripts (including endnotes) should be 3,500-4,000 words, single-spaced, using a 12-point common font such as Times New Roman, with one-inch margins. 

Submission. Manuscripts should be submitted in digital form, if possible. Digital versions should be submitted as e-mail attachments to the editor (preferred) or mailed on a thumb drive. A hard copy is not necessary. 

Other Details 

Author identification. Please include with your article a brief biographical note (1 or 2 sentences up to a maximum of 375 characters including spaces) indicating your present position (with full name and location of school or agency); missionary experience, if any (country, assignment, and years); and nationality (if non-U.S.A.). Please do not expect the editors to add your biographical note, even if you are famous or have written previously for the IBMR. 

E-mail address. Most authors include their e-mail address with their article; some do not. Your e-mail address will be published unless the editors are notified otherwise.

Abstract and keywords: Please provide 100-word abstract and 4-6 keywords for your article.  

Author agreement and photos: Authors must sign a written agreement before the article is published online and in print. Please e-mail a recent, professional quality, color photograph of yourself in JPG or TIF format for inclusion with the author identification. Digital copies sent as e-mail attachments will need to be at least 300 dpi and should be at least 2 MBs in size. If a digital copy is not available, please mail a hard copy that we can scan and return to you. 

Photographs. Whenever possible the IBMR will publish one or more photographs with your article. Detailed information regarding photographs will be sent to authors during the copy editing process. 

Previous Publication 

The IBMR publishes original articles and reviews. Articles and reviews that have been previously published in print or online will not be accepted. In submitting manuscripts to be considered for publication in the IBMR, authors certify that they have not previously appeared in print, been published in online journals or books, or been posted online; that they are not under consideration by another publication; and that if accepted for publication they will not be posted online or submitted to another publication without permission from the IBMR editor. 

Unsolicited Articles 

Printed copies of unsolicited articles will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Authors of unsolicited articles should allow three to four weeks for a response from the editors. 


No remuneration is given for articles published in the IBMR, but authors will receive online access and a complimentary print copy of the issue in which the article appears. 

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