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Global Mission After Christendom: Opportunities and Challenges

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There is a broad consensus that “western Christendom” is going through radical shifts.  This period of “liminal change” has local and global significance.  As daunting as these shifts are, they can be interpreted as an opportunity both locally and globally to investigate the realities, challenges, and opportunities of God’s mission in the 21st century.  Our seminar will examine how this time of transition relates to the missional vocation of the ecumenical church as God’s called and sent people.

Seminar Schedule:

Tues., Mar 19  
9:00 am Worship led by Darrell Guder
9:30 am The Apostolic Mission: “ the ends of the earth”
10:30 am Mission in Western Christendom: Established Christianity
11:30 am Lunch Break
2:00 pm Mission in Western Modernity: “...the Wake of the Enlightenment”
4:00 pm Seminar concludes for the day
Wed., Mar 20  
9:00 am The Challenges of Mission and Colonialism
10:00 am The Paradox: Globalized Christianity and Declining Christendom
11:30 am Lunch Break
2:00 pm Theological Challenges of Global Christian Movement
4:00 pm Seminar concludes for the day
Thur., Mar 21  
9:00 am Worship
9:30 am Theological Reclamation: Good News of God’s Kingdom
10:30 am Theological Reclamation: Missional Catholicity
11:30 am Lunch Break
2:00 pm Theological Reclamation: The Vocation of Witness
4:00 pm Seminar concludes for the day
Fri., Mar 22  
9:00 am The Opportunities and Challenges of the Missional Church
11:30 am Seminar concludes

Resource Person:

Darrell Guder is professor of missional and ecumenical theology emeritus at Princeton Theological Seminary.  His work on both sides of the North Atlantic has focussed upon mission in a time of change.  In the last decades he has been especially involved in “the missional church initiative” in its relevance for declining western Christendom and the global Christian movement.  He coordinated and edited the research project that produced the study, Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America” (1998).  He continued that discussion in The Continuing Conversion of the Church (2000), and Called to Witness: Doing Missional Theology (2015), and in many chapters, essays, and articles.