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World Christianity in Indo-Myanmar Mountains of Northeast India

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This seminar will present a case of World Christianity reflecting the complex interplay of Christian mission, local cultures and global Christianity as evident in the Indo-Myanmar region of Northeast India. Bordering important Asian countries, such as Myanmar, Bangladesh and China, the Northeast region comprise of a significant population of Christians in the country. Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh have sizeable numbers of Christians. The region is also known as one of the most responsive regions to Christian mission. While Christianity is highly visible in the landscape, particularly in Nagaland and Mizoram, it is deeply entrenched in the local cultures of the people. The cultural template and its expressions in Christianity are most observable in the areas of healing and ecstatic spirituality that includes active participation of women.

This seminar will also introduce the Northeast India region from a history of Christian mission perspective and highlight the mutual influences of Christianity and the local cultures producing a Christianity that is indigenised and shaped by the socio-religious realities of the region. Mission movement from the region to Southeast Asia, migration, vibrant theological education and the prophetic witness of the church are some pressing issues in the region.

Seminar Schedule:

Tues., 5th Feb  
9:00 am  Worship led by Dr. Atola Longkumer
9:30 am Introduction and Overview: The Politics of Identity in Northeast India
11:45 am  Lunch Break
2:00 pm Locating the Northeast in the Indo-Myanmar Ethno-geography
4:00 pm Seminar concludes for the day
Wed., 6th Feb.  
9:30 am Christian Mission and the Northeast India
11:45 am Lunch Break
2:00 pm Continuity in Christian Mission: Northeast India and Southeast Asia
4:00 pm Seminar concludes for the day
Thur., 7th Feb.  
9:00 am Worship 
9:30 am World Christianity in Northeast India: A case of Naga Baptist Christians
11:45 am  Lunch Break
2:00 pm World Christianity in Northeast India: Parameters, Projects, and Partners
4:00 pm Seminar concludes

Resource Person:

Dr. Atola Longkumer, a fifth generation Baptist from Nagaland, she is a professor of Religions and Missions at the South Asian Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) Bangalore, India.

Her research interests are in Christian mission and writing native history; religious conversion; Christian mission and modernity; gender issues; inter-religious encounter/dialogue and Christian mission and indigenous/tribal peoples' identity.