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Fingerprints of God: How Science Strengthens My Faith and Commitment to God's Mission

Dr. Ron Choong
Academy for Christian Thought

Ron Choong integrates knowledge drawn from study and field research in archaeology, theology, and natural science to build a global narrative of human development and gain insight into God as revealed through creation and the scriptures.


Seminar Description: In this scientific Age of Information, apologetics and missions face the task of proclaiming a faith in God the creator by engaging the discoveries of God’s creation. Science is the most challenging obstacle to faith. But science can be a tool of ministry if we listen to urgent voices asking the tough questions about how archaeology, human origins and brain science shape the way we interpret the Bible today. Questions such as: Is God still revealing new things? Who is the imago Dei (will my dead cat go to heaven)? How can those with brain damage accept Jesus as Lord? This lecture will outline my own spiritual quest for God’s presence in the world by detecting the Fingerprints of God in the beauty and abundance on created nature. 

Tues., Feb 6
9:00 a Worship
9:30 1: John Stott & the Challenge of Missions (My story of 3 cultures, 3 countries and 3 churches)
11:30 Lunch break
2:00 p 2: The Silk Road: (Marco Polo’s Dunhuang in China and the Apostle Thomas’ Taxila in Pakistan)
4:00 Seminar concludes for the day
Wed., Feb 7
9:00 a 3: Creating a Theological Safe Space in a Scientific Age of Information (How 3 discoveries, 3 technologies and 3 medical advances enhanced Christian Missions)
11:30 Lunch break
2:00 p 4: Science and Revelation (Archaeology for Christians)
4:00 Seminar concludes for the day
Thu., Feb 8
9:00 a Worship
10:00 5: Will the real Adam stand up? (Paleoanthropology for Christians)
12:00p Lunch break
2:00 p 6: Are we what we think? (Cognitive neuroscience for Christians)
Fri., Feb 9
9:00 a 7: Discovering the Fingerprints of God: How science can strengthen your faith
11:00 a Seminar concludes