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A Connected History of Mission: Complex People; Conjoined Places; Composite Projects

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Mrinalini Sebastian was Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society in Bangalore, India, and is currently an Independent Researcher and Site Coordinator of Harcum College Partnership Site at Grace-Trinity United Church of Christ in Philadelphia.
Jayakiran Sebastian is a Presbyter of the Church of South India and Dean and H. George Anderson Professor of Mission and Cultures at the United Lutheran Seminary (Philadelphia + Gettysburg).  He has served as Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Theology and Ethics at the United Theological College in Bangalore, India. 


Seminar Schedule:

Tues., Nov 27 - Complex People
9:00 am  Worship led by Rev Dr Jayakiran Sebastian
9:30 pm Personal Journeys
11:30 pm Lunch break
2:00 pm A Pastor-Missionary and a Poet-Churchman
4:00 pm Seminar concludes for the day
Wed., Nov 28  - Conjoined Places
9:00 am Gauribidanur and Philadelphia
11:30 am Lunch break
2:00 pm Mangalore and Basel
4:00 pm Seminar concludes for the day
Thurs., Nov 29  - Composite Projects
9:00 am Worship
9:30 am Of Plants and Dictionaries
11:30 am Lunch break
2:00 pm Of Tigers and Partnerships
4:00 pm  
Fri., Nov 30  
9:00 am Towards a Connected History of Mission
11:00 am Seminar concludes

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