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Culture, Values, and Worldview: Anthropology for Mission Practice

Dr. Darrell Whiteman
Former Vice President, The Mission Society

Seminar Description

This seminar will look at the real problems of crossing cultural boundaries with the Gospel. To understand better the source of these problems and develop approaches to overcome them, the Seminar will focus on the concept of culture, the challenge of distinguishing the Gospel from North American values, and understanding how conversion must relate to people’s worldviews. 

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Seminar Schedule

 Mon., Sept 24  1:30 pm   Registration
   2:00 pm   A look at four problems that cross-cultural witnesses encounter when they try to communicate the gospel to people in other cultures
  4:00 pm   Seminar concludes for the day
 Tues., Sept 25  9:00 am   Worship led by Dr. Darrell Whiteman
   9:30 am   An in-depth look at the concept of culture to understand better how culture shapes and influences who we are, our understanding of others, and our beliefs about God
  11:50 am   Lunch Break
   2:00 pm   An in-depth look at the concept of culture (continued)
  4:00 pm   Seminar concludes for the day
Wed., Sept 26 9:00 am  

A look at a cluster of North American values that flow out of our culture and worldview and how they relate to biblical values.

  11:50 am   Lunch Break
      A look at a cluster of North American values (continued)
  4:00 pm   Seminar concludes for the day
Thur., Sept 27 9:00 am   Worship
  9:30 am  

A discussion of what is a worldview, why it is so resistant to change and what factors can contribute to enabling it to change

  11:50 am  

Lunch break

   2:00 pm   Discussion of what is a worldview (continued)
  4:00 pm    Seminar concludes for the day 
 Fri., Sept 28 9:00 am  

Drawing on previous concepts of culture and worldview, a discussion of belief systems and the implications for effective cross-cultural ministry 

   11:00 am   Seminar concludes

Resource Person

Darrell Whiteman is a missiological anthropologist, passionate about helping people in diverse cultures connect the Gospel and biblical values to the deepest part of their worldview.  His training in “Crossing Cultural Barriers with the Gospel” has taken him to 78 countries and the training of thousands of missionaries and church workers.  After serving as a United Methodist missionary in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands (1979-1984) he was professor of anthropology and mission and later dean of the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary for 21 years, and Vice President and Resident Missiologist at The Mission Society in Atlanta, Georgia for nine years.  He recently served as the interim executive director of the Overseas Ministries Study Center in New Haven, and adjunct professor at Yale Divinity School.   He presently serves as the director of Global Development, an international non-profit ministry.

He served on the board of trustee of the American Bible Society for 27 years, and the Overseas Ministries Study Center for nine.  He is the past president of the American Society of Missiology and the International Association for Mission Studies.  He has authored or edited five books, including World Mission in the Wesleyan Spirit.

He lives in Norcross, GA with his wife Laurie of 46 years.