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Discontinuing the “Dissertation Notices” Feature

For many years, the IBMR has worked hard to publish an accurate record of dissertations and theses in mission studies, World Christianity, intercultural theology, and related disciplines. However, for the following four reasons, we have made an editorial decision to discontinue this feature.

  1. With the increase in the number of relevant dissertations, we cannot guarantee that our list is exhaustive.

  2. Dissertations and theses are available online via the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection.

  3. There has been a significant decrease in the traffic to the dissertation search engine on our website.

  4. Given all of the above, we can no longer justify devoting an increasing number of pages of the IBMR to this feature. Thank you for your understanding.

For researchers, we will maintain this current list (1908–2019) as a searchable function on our website (above).

 ––Dr. Thomas John Hastings, Editor

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