Senior Mission Scholar in Residence

The Overseas Ministries Study Center welcomes Senior Mission Scholars who provide leadership in OMSC’s Study Program and are available to residents for counsel regarding their own mission research interests. Seasoned scholarship, internationally renowned instructors, cutting edge seminars, and an ecclesiastically diverse resident community make OMSC the place to be for renewal of mission skills and vision.


Spring 2016

Professor Allan H. Anderson, the OMSC senior mission scholar in residence for spring 2016, is professor of global Pentecostal studies at the University of Birmingham, England. Born in London and raised in Zimbabwe, he accepted his first theological appointments while living in South Africa, as the principal of Tshwane Theological College near Pretoria and as a part-time researcher at the University of South Africa. Prof. Anderson joined the faculty of Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham, as director of the Centre for New Religious Movements (1995) and he became an honorary lecturer in 1999 at the University of Birmingham.

Prof. Anderson, whose research interests include Pentecostal history and intercultural theology, is working on the relationship between Pentecostalism and African popular religious ideas. He recently wrote To the Ends of the Earth: Pentecostalism and the Transformation of World Christianity (2013), a book on Pentecostalism in the global south in the OxfordStudies in World Christianity series. His other books include Spreading Fires: The Missionary Nature of Early Pentecostalism (2007), and An Introduction to Pentecostalism: Global Charismatic Christianity (2004, 2013), which was published in Spanish and is being translated into other languages.

Prof. Anderson is a founder and member of the European Research Network on Global Pentecostalism and serves on the international editorial board of four academic journals.


Fall 2016 to Spring 2017

Dr. Ravi David is adjunct professor of pastoral theology, counselling, spiritual formation, management, and leadership on the master’s and doctoral levels at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (, Bangalore, India, and at a seminary in Indonesia. He and his wife, Mercy, a teacher and mentor of women, equip and encourage mission leaders primarily in India and the Asia-Pacific region. Dr. David’s ministry includes seminary teaching, preaching, mentoring, counselling and facilitating member care for mission leaders through church and mission networks that include the India Missions Association, the World Evangelical Alliance’s Global Member Care Network, and The Mission Society. His PhD dissertation (2009) for the University of Auckland, New Zealand discussed “Critical Issues Affecting Indian Christian Mission Leaders and Their Implications for Pastoral Care” and was published as Mission Possible: Challenges for Indian Christian Mission Leaders in the Twenty-First Century (2014).

Mrs. Mercy David, who received a Master of Education in Educational Administration (2007) from Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, was a teacher and later school headmistress (1983–2004) in Bangalore. She was involved with leading the prayer ministry of Operation Mobilization in the state of Karnataka and ministered to students and graduates through the Union of Evangelical Students of India, serving as the association’s Karnataka president and as a member of the national board.

Dr. David also worked as South Asia regional secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (2001–2009) and SGM Lifewords (1998–2005). He was auxiliary secretary (1992–1995) of the Bible Society of India, in the state of Karnataka.

After nine years in New Zealand, the Bangalore natives and their children moved, in December 2012, to Atlanta, Georgia. They have four children and a granddaughter.

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