Is God's Grace Sufficient?

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9

OMSC resident scholar Dr. Paul Louis Metzger shared a powerful and profound message of hope and tenacity today at OMSC's morning worship and with OMSC's resident scholars, artists and missionaries in his weekly bible study on the book of Hebrews. To learn more about Paul and his inspirational ministries please click the below links: 

Uncommon God, Common Good. 

The works of Paul Louis Metzger

New Wine, New Wineskins





Music and Mission seminar led by Dr. James Krabill

Music has always been important to the life of the church. Sometimes it has assisted the church in her witness; other times it has been a hindrance. This OMSC seminar, led by Dr. James Krabill, will examine case studies from the Bible, mission history, and faith communities in the Global South to draw lessons for the church today. Music recordings, video clips, story-telling, and ample opportunity for participants to share experiences from their own church life and ministries will figure prominently in seminar sessions. Please click on the below photo to view the slideshow from the conference. 

OMSC residents explore CT and MA on their Jonathan Edwards Tour

OMSC residents explore CT and MA on their Jonathan Edwards Tour on Saturday, March 10, 2018. OMSC thanks Jon Hinkson, the Director of the Rivendell Institute, for his inspiring and informative tour of historical sites in CT and MA of Jonathan Edwards' life, his family and his ministry. Click below photo to see a slideshow of photos from the Tour.   

OMSC Art Gala promoted in March issue of Connecticut Magazine

Our April 14, 2018 2nd annual OMSC Art Gala is being promoted in the March and April issues of Connecticut Magazine. Click here to see the Art Gala advertisement. To register for this fun and inspiring event, please click here: 

March 2018 issue CT Mag Ad.jpg

Kirishitan Women Testify Today from Japan’s Christian Century, 1549–1650

Rev. Haruko Nawata Ward, PhD, Professor of Church History at Columbia Theological Seminary, is leading a fascinating seminar this week at OMSC entitled: "Kirishitan Women Testify Today from Japan’s Christian Century, 1549–1650." Here are some pictures of today's session below (click the photo below to see slide show). 

This seminar introduces several Kirishitan women. These include Hibiya Monica, Blessed Hayashida Magdalena, Lady Hosokawa Tama Gracia, and Kiyohara Ito Maria. Most intriguing were women evangelists. Naitō Julia founded a society of active women catechists around 1600, who helped convert about 6,000 persons until 1614, when they were expelled from Japan. Julia’s community included Pak Marina and other Korean-born hostages of war. The community relocated to Manila. During the fierce period of persecution, numerous Kirishitan women became martyrs, of whom the Catholic Church has canonized two as saints and beatified a hundred fifty.

Religious Persecution, Privilege, Paranoia--and Hope Conference April 7, 2018

Please join New Wine, New Wineskins and our OMSC resident scholar Dr. Paul Metzger for this timely conference at Multnomah University/Multnomah Biblical Seminary aimed at adapting well to our increasingly post-Christendom world.

Speakers include Wilfred Kaweesa, Alicia and Kendrick Lau, Unique Page, David R. Wilson, Harris Zafar, Eric Knox, Tony Kriz, Rebekah Josberger, Karen Fancher, Daniel A. Scalberg, Tony Huynh, Mike Gerney, Thomas R. Schiave and Brad Harper.  

For more information and to register, please click here:

Paul Metzger.jpg

OMSC's current resident artist Keng Sen Chong creates magic & smiles at the Fair Haven School in New Haven, CT

OMSC's current resident artist Keng Sen Chong and his wife Ang Ang Yeh are facilitators for the Build A Bridge restorative art program,  where they attended the Build A Bridge Institute in Philadelphia in 2009 for training. Since 2009 they have conducted a few educational and therapeutic art programs for refugee children and troubled adolescents in not only New Haven, CT... but also in their native country and with children coping with traumatic experiences such as 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Ken Sen and Ang Ang work with a team of professionals with different artistic skills and gifts that create many smiles and much joy for many children in the United States and around the world. To help support inspirational leaders like Keng Sen & Ang Ang, please donate here: Thank you! Please click on the below photo to see a slideshow of photos from the Fair Haven School's puppet creation visit. 

The Christian "Indiana Jones" of archaeology, Dr. Ron Choong leads seminar at OMSC

Dr. Ron Choong led an inspirational and educational seminar this week at OMSC. Dr. Choong integrates knowledge drawn from study and field research in archaeology, theology, and natural science to build a global narrative of human development and gain insight into God as revealed through creation and the scriptures. More on the fascinating story of Dr. Choong can be found here

Visitor From Ghana


Thanks to an introduction by First Presbyterian Church of Fairfield, Rev. Emmanuel Kwaku Antwi-Tumfuor visited OMSC on Thursday, February 8. He is the National Director of Mission and Evangelism for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana (E.P.), and he delivered an inspiring message at our Morning Worship. Emmanuel is also the senior pastor of the Elom Parish in Ho-Bankoe, a city in the Volta Region with a population of about 100,000. Bounded on the east by Lake Volta, the region is to the west of the Republic of Togo. Emmanuel is also active in ecumenical work, particularly through the Bible Society of Ghana. 


When All Else Fails, Zoom!

David on Zoom.jpg

Your support + new technology = happy seminar participants

When a family medical emergency prevented seminar leader David Shenk from coming to New Haven in January, his seminar was able to stay on track through Zoom video conferencing. Thanks to the gifts we receive in support of our programming, participants who signed up for “The Gospel of Peace in Dynamic Engagement with the World of Islam” were able to attend the classes as scheduled, even though the seminar leader was at home in Pennsylvania. Thank you for your support!

2018 Winter Olympic


Let the Games Begin!
OMSC Residents Celebrate the Olympic Spirit

When the 2018 Winter Games begin this month in PyeongChang, South Korea, some residents of OMSC will be watching for glimpses of home. But whether they follow their home country athletes, or simply cheer for those with great performances, all agree that the Olympic spirit is about more than just sports. "The Olympic Games are probably the only official, public event where people from different backgrounds can compete equally," says Sophie. She finds the games "exciting and encouraging."

Given the intercultural nature of their work, it is only natural that the men and women at OMSC see beyond the athletic competitions to a deeper meaning of the Olympic games. And for some of OMSC’s “businaries” (business missionaries), athletics is the method they use to reach out to people of all faiths in a comfortable, non-threatening way. Engaging in activities together builds. 

February 5, 2018

Soichi Watanabe, former artist in residence at OMSC, contributed an image for the upcoming April issue of the IBMR

Soichi Watanabe _Through the Cross_.jpg


Soichi Watanabe, former artist in residence at OMSC in 2008 - 2009, contributed an image for the upcoming April issue of the IBMR. Here is the description of this work of art:

 Through the Cross, by Soichi Watanabe

When asked to describe what motivated him to paint this image, Soichi wrote:

"I was very inspired by the message from Ephesian 2 about reconciliation and union through the cross of Christ."
“For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation, having abolished in His flesh the enmity, that is, the law of commandments contained in ordinances.” (Eph. 2:14–15)

Soichi said he learned the following points from the Bible:

1. Christ brought peace by coming among two different peoples, Jews and gentiles, who were then connected in one Spirit and became the family of God.
2. They became stones for the building up of the body of Christ. (2:20-22)
3. Christ is the foundation and cornerstone of the building, therefore he bears the complete weight of the building and supports it from below. (2:20-21)
4. The combining of many different kinds of stones strengthens the structure.

"As for the different colors of the stones of the building, I was inspired by Mr. Tsunekazu Nishioka, a Japanese master builder and restorer of the Hōryū-ji Temple in Nara, Japan's ancient capital. Hōryū-ji  is the oldest wooden building in the world, built 1300 years ago, and is composed of hinoki cypress trees. Because of their beauty, Nishioka used the straight cypress logs for the pillars, but weaker logs and those with knots for the irregularly-shaped but strong ceiling joists. Thus the building is firmly established as a whole," said Wantanabe. 

Based on this, Soichi imagined the stone building in his painting in the same way as the hinoki building.

5. He also thought about the ongoing problem of discrimination against immigrants, refugees, and minorities. And this point is linked with the biblical teaching that the weaker parts are indispensable in sustaining the whole body. (1 Corinthians 12:22–27)

OMSC 2nd ANNUAL ART GALA April 14, 2018

OMSC's Annual Art Gala on April 14, 2018 will feature Makoto Fujimura, a renowned artist, writer, and speaker recognized worldwide as a cultural shaper and OMSC artist-in-residence, Keng Sen Chong, pastor of Hope Evangelical Free Church (Chinese) and a visual artist who will share his passion of heightening humanity's spirituality through his art. Come enjoy wonderful art, music and cuisine on April 14th by registering for the 2nd Annual OMSC Art Gala here:

Culture, Values, and Worldview: Anthropology for Mission Practice Seminar

Darrell Whitman Jan 2017-3a.jpg
Darrell Whitman Jan 2017-5.JPG

How does our culture influence us and shape our understanding of others? This and many other insights will be explored this week as we present and discuss the "Culture, Values, and Worldview: Anthropology for Mission Practice." OMSC is honored to host Dr. Darrell Whiteman as he leads our scholars, artists and missionary residents in this seminar today through January 26. Here are some photos from today’s inspirational sessions. It is still not too late to join us by clicking here:

Darrell Whitman Jan 2017-4.JPG
Darrell Whitman Jan 2017-6.JPG

International Students from Educators Without Borders visits OMSC


The Overseas Ministries Studies Center kicked off the New Year 2018 in January with a wonderful visit from international students from the Educators Without Borders, U.S.A.  Executive Director  Tom Hastings and staff gave the students a tour of OMSC and shared our history and story with the students. We enjoyed meeting the students and hearing their stories as well. 

OMSC in the News!

Mass Appeal and OMSC intv7.jpg

NBC MA's Mass Appeal live talk show invited The Overseas Ministries Study Center to their program in December. OMSC has a mission of bringing people together all around the world, based in New Haven, CT. Executive Director Tomas John Hastings, and Resident Artist Keng Sen Chong visited the show to talk about the wonderful work of OMSC. Please click here to watch a recording of the five minute interview. 

OMSC Dec 15-17, 2017 Cape Cod Resident Retreat

3Retreat DEC 2017.jpg

Rev. Steven Bonsey,  a Yale Divinity graduate, Episcopal priest, and co-director of Wisdom & Money led an inspiring retreat for the Overseas Ministries Study Center’s resident scholars, artists and missionaries on contemplative prayer. OMSC thanks Rev. Steven and the Saint Christopher's Episcopal Church in Chatham for graciously hosting OMSC staff and residents in a comfortable seminar room for our retreat.  

"In contemplative prayer, as exemplified by Jesus’ own practice and teaching, we personally cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work of healing, transformation and inner guidance so that we may more faithfully and effectively serve as leaders in the name of Christ." ~ Rev. Steven Bonsey

OMSC also attended worship on Sunday with the Saint Christopher’s Episcopal Church’s congregation. It was a wonderful time of learning, prayer and fellowship.

2Retreat DEC 2017.jpg
Retreat DEC 2017.jpg

OMSC Welcomes New Trustees to the Board

   Bishop Ian Douglas

Bishop Ian Douglas

   Mr. Siyoung Yu

Mr. Siyoung Yu

The OMSC Board of Trustees is welcoming two new members to its semi-annual meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 5-6, 2017. Bishop Ian Douglas is the 15th Bishop Diocesan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, serving approximately 168 parishes and faith commu-nities in the state. Mr. Siyoung Yu is Director of Agape Church for the Homeless in New Haven. He also serves as a system administrator at DXC. As Trustees they will serve up to three 3-year terms, participating in both committee meetings and board meetings. Bishop Douglas will begin his service on the Program Development committee and Mr. Yu will begin his service on the Property Management committee.

Historical Atlas of Ancient Christianity

Historical Atlas of Ancient Christianity.jpeg

Special Sale Alert!

The Historical Atlas of Ancient Christianity is currently being offered at the greatly reduced price of $74.95. AND, OMSC will receive $50 for each book purchased with the special coupon code "OMSC"

Please go to this link and remember to use coupon code OMSC to order your copy today:…/Historical_Atlas_of_Ancient_Chr…

This new Historical Atlas is the first of its kind to provide a detailed picture of the early church’s physical presence in the empire, tracing Christianity’s geographical footprint upon the map of the ancient world. Complete with 59 full-color and detailed maps, illustrations of important monuments and places, and an up-to-date scholarly bibliography, the Historical Atlas serves both as a valuable reference work and a useful teaching tool. It will serve as an indispensable tool for those desiring to study the ancient Christian period in its historical as well as its geographical context. Fr. Angelo DiBerardino, former president of the Augustinianum in Rome has provided an expert guide through the early Christian world.

The Rise of the Businary


Combining the words “business” and “missionary” the job of the businary is to conduct their
business in such a way as to lead people to know more about Christ. For OMSC resident Jay*
(*name changed for security reasons) working as a Taekwondo instructor among Syrian children is both a challenge and an opportunity.

A native of South Korea, Jay is a businary in the Middle East where he is in the minority both in terms of his ethnicity and his religion. He was warned that working in this context might not bear any fruit, and the reality of the situation eventually took its toll. He became depressed at his lack of success and exhausted after working for many years without a break. If being in the Middle East was tough for him, it was equally tough for his family, including a daughter whose school experience among the Muslim majority is very difficult. Badly in need of a sabbatical, Jay applied to OMSC.

Jay and his family arrived in August 2017 and quickly made friends among the international
residential community. Here they have already found a place of healing – physically, spiritually,
and mentally. Living in a community of like-minded people and sharing experiences through
seminars and social events is good for the whole family, especially for Jay’s daughter. Here she
is able to connect with other “third culture” children, to live and to learn in a loving and
supportive environment.

Despite the difficulties he and his family have encountered, Jay maintains his trust in God’s
direction and continues to work toward his vision of “sharing the good news to Muslims, and
encouraging them to share the good news among themselves.”