Introducing the Overseas Ministries Study Center

Serving God's Servants from around the World since 1922

OMSC strengthens the Christian world mission by providing:

Residential programs for missionaries and international church leaders


OMSC invites missionaries, international church leaders, and others to live in community where they find spiritual renewal and professional challenge. Residents bring unique contributions, enriching all. Community life is guided by the principles of unity in Jesus Christ and fellowship in the work of his kingdom. Details

Mission scholarship through research and publication


With in-depth analysis of Christian mission and world Christianity, the IBMRavailable online for free or in print—is a premier source of information on the world church in mission. It provides an editorial voice that is analytical and nonpartisan. Many of today's foremost missiologists and mission thinkers appear in the IBMR and as lecturers at OMSC. Details

Continuing education in cross-cultural Christian ministries

OMSC offers a graduate-level, noncredit, study program—mission seminars for international church leaders, missionaries, mission executives, and others. Those who participate may earn a Certificate in Mission Studies. Each semester an experienced senior mission scholar offers residents counsel regarding their own mission research interests. Details

What others say about OMSC and the IBMR

"OMSC is the center for mission studies through the IBMR, for encountering mission scholars, for reflection on global issues, and for contemplation."

—Chun Chae Ok


"Through its widely acclaimed International Bulletin and its expanded residential and educational facilities, OMSC serves as a major force in mission and world Christianity."

—Lamin Sanneh


"OMSC feeds mind and spirit—Christian fellowship and worship combined with serious exploration of essential mission issues."

—Dana L. Robert

Other endorsements

History of the Overseas Ministries Study Center

In 1922 the daughters of Gospel hymn writer William Howard Doane founded OMSC in Ventnor, New Jersey. The center relocated in 1987 to New Haven, Connecticut, one block from Yale University Divinity School and the renowned Day Missions Library. Details

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As we reflect on the extraordinary international church leaders, missionaries, mission executives, and others who come to OMSC, our hearts are filled with gratitude. We also grapple with financial challenges and enjoy unprecedented opportunities to review our ministry, reassess our core values, and become better stewards of our resources. We need your generous support today. Would you help OMSC with a monthly gift? If so, go to our secure online form and give a monthly or annual gift.


29 Apr 2015