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Nyoman Darsane


The Angel's Whisper
Nyoman Darsane, who is from Bali, was raised as a Hindu, but converted to Christianity at the age of seventeen. He was educated in Java, where he became acquainted with Western culture, and this influence can be seen in his artwork, which is nonetheless very much in keeping with his indigenous Hindu-Balinese religion and culture. The church in Bali is a tiny minority that has successfully integrated itself through inculturation, particularly through the liturgical arts. A love of traditional music and dance, as well as puppet playing, can often be discerned in Darsane's dramatic paintings.
      He has earned the respect and esteem of the Asian Christian art community for many years, and was chosen as one of five artists showcased in the June 2007 exhibition at the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA) in New York City, "The Christian Story: Five Asian Artists Today."
"Bali is my tradition. Christ is my life."